Charlie's Produce

Charlie’s Produce. Cultivating Fresh.

At Charlie’s Produce, we have been delivering fresh ideas and fresh produce for over 40 years. We combine a passion for quality products and a zeal to push beyond the boundaries of possibility to tackle the distinct demands of our industry and get good food to good people.

The relationships we cultivate at Charlie’s Produce will always be the foundation of our company. We believe that forging rich, meaningful partnerships fosters success, from our employees, to our growers, to our customers and consumers, and ultimately, to the communities in which we live and work. Our aim is to nurture our partners so that together, we can nourish consumers and sustain communities.

Our Services

With decades of experience in buying, selling, and merchandising, we supply restaurants, grocery stores, institutions, wholesalers, the marine industry, and more with a full range of services. We offer conventional, organic, and specialty produce, floral items, a full line of fresh processed solutions for the retail and food service industries.

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Fresh Rhubarb from the field to the consumer. Grown at Living Rain Farm in Mt. Vernon, Washington.

Our Products

At Charlie’s, we know that all lemons are not created equal. Each of our products has a story, a life cycle, and a connection with an individual farmer or field.

In today’s demanding, ever-changing produce industry, Charlie’s is committed to supplying the greatest variety of high-quality products year round. There is no limit to what our partners can order from us.

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"We want to make a difference in the community, just as we have done in all areas Charlie's is present. whether that is schools, food service, retail, the farming name it, we want to help"