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Charlie’s Produce Careers Paths

At Charlie’s Produce our employees are the key to our success, which is why 80% of our management team has been promoted from within the company. There is no limit to where you can go at Charlie’s, regardless of where you start. Your hard work, commitment and innovation are your ticket to building your career path.

How do you feel about the career opportunities at Charlie's?

  • Warehouse Management Systems Analyst on Charlie’s Career Path Opportunities

    "I started at Charlie’s 7 years ago as a warehouse picker for the 3:00AM shift building pallets to ship to our Alaska customers. Soon after I moved over to our Will Call department since I had worked in Pike Place Market and had good relationships with many of our pickup customers. Due to Charlie’s growth there was an opening for Warehouse Supervisor and after only a couple years since I had started as a picker I was given the opportunity to grow with the company. In that Supervisor role I was able to learn our Warehouse Management System from front to back, so when our WMS Analyst moved on to a new career it was suggested I apply for it. The fast pace of today’s economy requires hard work and dedication from the workforce but very few companies seem to reward the effort they expect. My career here at Charlie’s has taken me down a path I couldn’t have predicted, not only because my current position as WMS Analyst was something I wasn’t even aware of when I started with the company, but also because so few employers today seem willing to invest in their employees the way Charlie’s does".- Bret James
  • Why do you stay?

    The people, career growth opportunities, good mentoring from Managers, I enjoy helping others grow in their career, great partnerships with vendors and customers, I'm proud of our charitable work by our company and employees in local communities, employee owned company, good benefits and awesome HR team. - Cheri Larson, Sr. IT Director
  • When you started did you ever think you would still be here today or in your current position?

    I never imagined I would ever be where  I am today. I always looked outside and imagined myself doing something else and wanting more, but didn’t know what that was, just know that I wanted more. When I figured out what that was, I was able to see that it was right here in front of me to obtain if I wanted to put in the work. - Gino Petosa Assistant GM, Boise Division
  • Why do you stay?

    Charlie's Produce is my home away from home. This 2nd home has given me so much opportunity to grow, not only within myself and my career, but also with my family. It’s given me so many opportunities to succeed in life and to take care of my 1st Family. I have worked with many of my peers from different backgrounds which they have  become “family” over the years with the relationship that we have built. Charlie's Produce is a family oriented environment. What is even more admiring is I have been here for 15 plus years and there are lot of veterans  that have been here for over 20 years and are still going. Being able to last this long here and now seeing the veterans retiring makes me look back at how much this company has grown.  Watching the owners come in 6 days a week, stroll through the warehouse, trying to resolve issues themselves shows how hard working they are.  It's what kept me motivated to stay.  It sets the example of team work!- Jackie Tuilaepa, Seattle Sales Admin/Reception Supervisor
"When my dad informed me of the opportunity to receive my Masters with the help of Charlie’s Produce, I was baffled. Right away I started researching and decided why wouldn’t I!"