Charlie's Produce


Charlie’s Produce has helped many of our area local farmer/grower operations sustain their farm by distributing their goods. Charlie’s Produce Seattle opened in 1978 and we’ve occupied our current building since 1988. We are a full service wholesale produce company covering all of Western Washington.

We pride ourselves in supporting local growers first to market. We offer a full line of conventionally grown produce, organic produce, specialty produce, value-added made-to-order items, and a complete floral selection delivered daily to Food Service and Retail outlets

We are proactive in our Food Safety commitment, with all retail and processing facilities having attained SQF 2000 level certification. Our facilities include state of the art, fully refrigerated loading and receiving dock, modern ethylene scrubbers, plus computer monitored ripening rooms for availability of fruits.

Charlie’s Produce has earned the highest blue book services rating. Throughout Charlie’s distribution network, our team of experts includes trained executive chefs and restaurant managers along with experienced retail produce managers and merchandisers.

Where It All Started

Charlie’s Produce was started in Seattle by our founders back in 1978. We built the business providing quality, innovative offerings and service to both the retail and food service industries. Proudly we can state that we have grown to be the largest independent produce company on the West Coast. Our Service is second to none.


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 24606 Seattle, WA 98124

Inbound Freight Address:

5033 1st Ave S. Seattle, WA 98134


Customer Service:

(206) 625-1412

Floral Customer Service:

(206) 577-9801

Buyers Fax:

(206) 442-9023

Restaurant Sales Fax:

(206) 442-9028
"We want to make a difference in the community, just as we have done in all areas Charlie's is present. whether that is schools, food service, retail, the farming name it, we want to help"