Charlie's Produce

Our Delivery Network

Charlie’s Produce has the West Coast’s largest, most efficient network of distribution centers and modern, refrigerated fleet for moving high quality, fresh produce and floral products from fields to markets, kitchens and tables.

Fresh Matters

Within our modern warehouses and distribution fleet, we carefully consider every point in the delivery process to maintain quality, increase efficiency and reduce the cost of our produce during its journey from the field, to the crate, to its final destination.

Logistics Matter

With our 300+ GPS equipped, temperature-controlled trucks, we provide a robust supply cold chain to assure our produce, flowers and more arrive as delicious and as beautiful as they were when they left the farm.

Our Distribution Centers

"At Charlie’s we enjoy engaging with the grower community and always look for the that jewel in the rough to bring to market so guests at the stores or restaurants are pleased with the products and look to come back year after year for that positive experience."