Charlie's Produce

Community Involvement

Healthy Communities = Happy Communities

At Charlie’s, we are deeply devoted to giving back to our community. Our employees and the local businesses we partner with are essential in achieving our vision of a world where no one has to go hungry and everyone has the opportunity to live a productive, fulfilling life. We recognize that enhancing the lives of those in need often takes place at a local level, where individuals come together to make a difference in their own communities, so we are proud to support organizations that focus on feeding the hungry and ending homelessness in the Northwest.

As an integral part of programs such as Food Lifeline’s Capital Campaign – helping to build and operate their Hunger Solution Center in Seattle – we know that when individuals are at their best health, they are able to give back to their communities and everyone benefits. We actively sponsor and donate produce to many community events because we strongly believe in promoting health and wellness initiatives that are driven by the neighborhoods they are serving.

The following is a list of links to some of the organizations we support in their efforts to improve the quality of life in our communities. We encourage you to visit these sites to learn more about their valuable work.

"We want to make a difference in the community, just as we have done in all areas Charlie's is present. whether that is schools, food service, retail, the farming name it, we want to help"